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The creativity of spammers never ceases to amaze me. Random words, letters, sequences, all to circumvent your spamcatcher. Luckily mine works, but I occasionally glimpse inside the spamfolder to see what the bad guys are up to. Lately the free credit checks are on the decline. This is what I'm plagued with currently:

- 5 inches is not enough
- We can double your Johnson size
- Dont want no short ramrod man.
- Adding few more inches to your schlong.
- Curious thing about your woody
- Small meat not big problem anymore!
- Never thought that so small prick exists.
- Why so small one-eyed monster man?
- Could you reply why your weener is so short? ;)
- Are you still with short sausage?

I've never seen so many people worried about my private parts :D
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