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The late night show

On tonight's late late night show, Rob tells us about ... things.

- On June 3 2007, I will be having dinner at Oud Sluis, the number 1 restaurant (3 Michelin stars) in the Netherlands.
- I just finished the first three books in George R.R. Martin's Song of Fire and Ice series and I can't wait until the fourth gets into my hands. This series makes even Lord of the Rings look small.
- No news on the jobfront. 3 and a half months before my current contract ends.
- No news on the dating front. Laura and I email back and forth once a week. Both busy, but I think I've done enough from my side, now it's up to her to show interest and throw me a date to hang out together.
- Casino Royale had some awesome stuntscenes, but as a whole the movie dragged on for too long.
- I bought the Poker for Dummies set and am quite disappointed with it. Not the quality I'm used to from Dummies books.
- Still looking for a nice mixer and microphone for my Do-It-Yourself Home Studio.
- Roomie Rick got me Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I fear my WoW friends are going to miss me for a little while.
- My mantra as of late seems to be "Tomorrow I'll go to the gym." Haven't been there for a month and a half. Part laziness, part exhaustion.
- I'll be in Maastricht from Dec 28 through Jan 7.
- The same team that visited Dublin (my dad, two of his colleagues and me) are trying to pick a date for our next trip. Destination: Berlin.
- Homes are still too fucking expensive on this side of the country.

And now, time to collapse.


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