Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen


I can feel that winter's approaching again. Not by the temperatures, but by the lack of daylight. It makes me go into some kind of hibernation mode, sleeping longer and later. That doesn't help my training schedule much, usually I wake up too late to get to the gym before I have to work. I made a bet with one of the cooks to see who could lose the most weight in a month time. Don't worry, I'm not doing anything foolish like crash diets or anything. I just try to watch my sugar intake and drink gallons of water. But more excersize wouldn't hurt...

Work's just sorta ... routinely going on. Haven't heard anything yet from the letter I sent out to KHN (Royal Hotel/Restaurant/Bar-organisation Netherlands). Today's gonna be very, very busy. Mostly with the boss' 50th birthday party. About 80-100 guests with expensive wine, lobster, champagne, he's really dishing out. And in the mean time there's also another smaller dinner party and our restaurant guests.

Happy birthdays to jonesybunny, maartje and hiryu! Sorry I can't be with you guys in person, but I am with you in spirit. We'll make up for lost time. It'd be nice to find a 9-5 job again. Haven't heard from Loura in a week. I sent her an email a couple of days ago saying that I'm off on Sunday one week from now. We'll see if she wants to hang out.

And in totally random news: We (Europe) hold the world record toppling domino stones once again. Can you imagine watching over 4 million dominoes fall in about 2 hours time, live on TV? Good thing they make it visually appealing with pictures appearing, music playing and weird techniques, otherwise it'd be mighty boring.

Oh yeah, one more thing: 9 and 10 December, it's the Archeon Midwinter Fantasy Fair once again. I'll most likely be going on Sunday.

New icon love: picture courtesy of the ever wonderful maartje.
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