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Oh mother

Remember when I said mom slipped me a phonenumber? Yeah, that was a month and a half ago... It was the phonenumber of the mother of a 'very nice girl' (mom's words), both of whom visit her beautysalon from time to time. Ma tells me she lives in Delft, studies in Amsterdam, is a clever girl and really really nice. Oh well, fortune favors the brave, so I call that phonenumber. Voicemail. Hm. A few days later I call again. Voicemail again. This time I leave a message with my name and phonenumber. A few weeks pass (holiday, grandpa's funeral). Then all of a sudden I get an email from dad.

"Mom gave me this phonenumber that I have to give you because there was something wrong with a voicemailbox and sending text messages didn't work. *phonenr*" (It's clear dad's not in the loop. Fine by me ;)

So there I was with the number of the daughter in my inbox. Yesterday I had 5 drinks for good luck gathered my courage and phoned the number. "Laura!" said the warm friendly voice. She knew immediately who I was, thanks to the two conspiring mothers and we chatted for a minute or ten since she was babysitting two rather hyperactive kids. At the end she apologized that she had a busy week this week, but would love to meet up somewhere next week.

I just hope my mom didn't tell her any:
1) embarrasing childhood stories
2) lies about how clean my room always is
3) fairytales of how rich and gorgeous I am

To be continued.


Oct. 10th, 2006 11:50 am (UTC)
Go you!


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