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Oh mother

Remember when I said mom slipped me a phonenumber? Yeah, that was a month and a half ago... It was the phonenumber of the mother of a 'very nice girl' (mom's words), both of whom visit her beautysalon from time to time. Ma tells me she lives in Delft, studies in Amsterdam, is a clever girl and really really nice. Oh well, fortune favors the brave, so I call that phonenumber. Voicemail. Hm. A few days later I call again. Voicemail again. This time I leave a message with my name and phonenumber. A few weeks pass (holiday, grandpa's funeral). Then all of a sudden I get an email from dad.

"Mom gave me this phonenumber that I have to give you because there was something wrong with a voicemailbox and sending text messages didn't work. *phonenr*" (It's clear dad's not in the loop. Fine by me ;)

So there I was with the number of the daughter in my inbox. Yesterday I had 5 drinks for good luck gathered my courage and phoned the number. "Laura!" said the warm friendly voice. She knew immediately who I was, thanks to the two conspiring mothers and we chatted for a minute or ten since she was babysitting two rather hyperactive kids. At the end she apologized that she had a busy week this week, but would love to meet up somewhere next week.

I just hope my mom didn't tell her any:
1) embarrasing childhood stories
2) lies about how clean my room always is
3) fairytales of how rich and gorgeous I am

To be continued.


Oct. 10th, 2006 09:09 am (UTC)
I just hope my mom didn't tell her any:
Well, two mums together. Lets look at this realistically! :D

1) embarrasing childhood stories

2) lies about how clean my room always is
"He's really a good boy but he always needs a little help with the cleaning. :3"
"Oh, I know exactly what you mean! :3"

3) fairytales of how rich and gorgeous I am
... they're mothers. How can they NOT tell each other how "good looking" and "well assetted" their children are?

Who knows? Good luck, just count on mums being mums so some information has by now already slipped through. ;)


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