Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

It's now 8 days sinds grandpa passed away and 4 since we brought him to his final resting place. The service was very beautiful, very personal as well. No choir singing latin, but two ladies with a guitar singing his favorite songs in Dutch and Limburgs. Soon I'll go back and visit his grave, that was the one thing I couldn't bring myself to that day.

So that chapter is over. Still waiting for news from the insurance company to see if I'll be getting anything back from the theft in Turkey. Last night roomie Stefan's motorbike (a worn Sita) was stolen in town. When it rains, it pours.

OK so much for the negative stuff (could rant on about my car and my finances, but that's old news by now ;). Made a brief visit to skunktaur for his birthday (I have your present here), saw quite a bunch of old friends so that cheered me up good :) I also found out that the local radio station in Leiden (Holland Centraal) is looking for DJ's (volunteers, so no pay). I could make a 15 min. demo, but I have one disadvantage: they clearly state they want no 'audible accent', and well, let's face it, my soft 'g' is pretty audible. I'll go to Monster this monday to record two more shows and see what DJ Roger (the boss) has to say about it.

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