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Old age

The last day of my holiday was supposed to be full of arranging things. Getting my insurance papers right to get some money back from the break-in, cleaning up the paperwork on my desk.... But first I had to get into town to get my new bankcard and groceries.
While in town, I phoned dad to ask if he could email me some photo's he took from the broken door and window. And that's when he gave me the news.

Grandpa is sick again. He should have been taken back to the hospital, but he's thrown the towel into the ring. He's too tired for more checkups and medication, he just doesn't want it anymore. So instead of a hospital bed, he's now in his own bed with stronger pain medication, waiting for the inevitable. I'm going to see him this friday, and I fear it will be the last time.

I respect his wishes, and I *know* he's over 80 years old, but still... Needless to say I'm not doing very well right now.

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