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Shit happens. Too often.

Hello from Turkey. God, I hate turkish keyboards. öçşğüı

Remember my last post about my mp3 troubles? That was nothing compared to this:

Wednesday night 13 september 2006 we left our apartment at 19.30 hours. Around 21.00 hours we were told that there was a break in in the apartment. We came back with the police and saw that burglars had come in through a bedroom door and had stolen a wallet with 60 Euro, a bank card, a credıt card, a photocamera (Minolta Vectis 30) and an mp3-player (Creative Zen Micro 6GB), all belonging to our son, Robbie Josef Theodoor Driessen.

The thieves had climbed onto the balcony of the bedroom, lıfted the rollbars, forced the lock and rammed the door so that the iron security bar in front of the door was broken out of its base. When they rammed the door, one layer of the double glass in the door broke. A neighbour on the third floor of the apartment building heard the glass break and phoned another neighbour who could see our bedroom balcony from her apartment. This English lady yelled and she saw 3 young men, around 20 years old, jump from the balcony and run off in different directions.

When we arrived with the police, the balcony door was open, glass on the floor, the iron bar on the floor and the rollcage damaged. The thieves had searched the entire bedroom and had tried to force the lock on the door between the bedroom and the hall as well. Because they were disturbed and discovered they had given up and ran out, otherwise they would have opened that door as well and stolen a lot more.

Total damage: one glass wındow broken, woodwork around the balcony door damaged, iron security bar holders broken off, bedroom door lock damaged, bedroom door damaged.

*** end of testımony ***

So there you have it, folks. EVERY time my parents go on holiday to their apartment in Turkey, stuff like this happens. In a sort of "final straw" move, they`re now getting `decorative iron bars` in front of the vulnerable windows (every breakin has been through the same door, no matter how we reinforced it), the bedroom door is getting a heavy-duty lock and the whole group of apartment owners in the building is going to discuss the option of 24 hour security. Oh, and dad wants a baseball bat for obvious reasons. In the mean time I`ve renamed our apartment: Fort Driessen.

And did I mention a stabbing in our apartment building the weekend before our arrival? Two turkish friends of two different tenants got into an argument. One pulled a knife and stabbed the other 20-something times, but luckily didn`t hit vital organs. As a result, my aunt and uncle are selling their apartment (dropping their asking price even more after hearing about the breakin) and the Norwegian tenant whose friend got stabbed, took the first plane back home.

I swear, there`s so much going on between the tenants themselves, the caretaker and the original real estate seller it would make for one big ugly docu-soap.

BUT there`s sun, Efes beer, cheap food, cheap clothes lıke:

so I`m still having fun. Not letting those bastards ruin my holiday.
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