Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Must... have... music

Monday morning 1am: I return home after work. Vacationtime, yay! I already ironed some shirts and cleaned up room so I shouldn't take long the coming morning to collect everything and drive to my parents' house. Oh darn, my new mp3 player (Zen) doesn't have a power socket charger, it only charges when hooked up to a USB port on a PC or laptop, and we don't have those in our apartment in Turkey. Time to find my old mp3 player (Jukebox)

1.30am: Jukebox is charging, I hook it up to laptop. "Oooh!" says Windows Media Player "That's a portable media storage device, I recognize it!" So I say "Great, let's move new music from my harddisk to the Jukebox." WMP replies: "Uh, no can do. Your device is not connected." "WTF? Yes it is!" "No, it isn't". *grumble*

2.15am: I find the original installdisk and feed it to my laptop. "Hello, I now have Creative Playcenter and it recognizes your Jukebox!" "Great, let's get to it then, I still want to get some sleep." "Errr, nope, I can't upload anything. This is Playcenter 2.00 and I need version 2.52 to make this work."

3.30am: After over an hour of searching still no dice. I collapse exhausted.

9.30am: *beep* Wakey time! My search for Playcenter 2.52 starts anew.

11.00am: Still no luck, other parties software doesn't work. The one source I *do* find uploads at 0.000002 bits per second. Out of frustration I already start to charge and update my Zen. I'll just have to visit the local Turkish internetcafe to recharge.

12.01pm: Zen completely updated, still charging though. *ping* Download of Playcenter 2.52 is completed, says laptop. ARGH!

2.00pm: Jukebox recharged and updated, time to roll. And what the heck, I'll take the Zen along as well. It has different songs.


6.30pm: At parental house. "Dad, what're we having for dinner?" "Just look in the fridge and freezer, enough choice." "Dad, are you expecting me to cook?" "Uhm, well, I can just bake me an egg if you don't want to...." "*sigh* It's OK, dad, I'll cook us something up." "Thanks son, oh, and, eh... well, see that shirt there?" "Yes, what's with it?" "I need to wear that tomorrow." "So what's wrong with it?" "Nothing, it's just that ... eh.. could you iron it for me? I don't know how to do it."

I hope he's not going to move in with me once he gets too old :p
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