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Counting down

4 more working days until holiday. Flying from Eindhoven to Antalya (yes, the turkish town that was bommed recently), then a 90 minute taxidrive to Alanya (which only costs 50 Euro's, regardless of the number of passengers, beat THAT, dutch taxicompanies). Mom's already there with a couple of her girlfriends, just partying and having a good time (like only fifty-somthing girls can :p)

Before that: still lots to do and think about. This friday I have a confidential businesslunch with Dick, my colleague who has been at the restaurant for over 15 years. He offered his help when I told him about my struggles with work and the boss. It took me a while but I trust him now. Before, I thought he felt threatened by my appointment (I'm paranoia that way). I can very well imagine that you might be pissed off when suddenly you have a young guy running around trying to run things when you've been at the company for ages. But he's told me some things that've taken away those worries, so I'm curious to see what our lunch will bring.

That'll be the second time this week I'm eating out. Last monday, there was the personnel-trip with 30 people. A bus drove us to another snazzy restaurant out on the lakes. After coffee and cakes we were put into four electric boats and we set off for a small village, gently drifting through a nature-reserve. At the village we docked at an eel-smoking farm. There was a mini tour (That's the underwatercages where we keep our eels, and there's the big rusty boxes in which we smoke 'em. End of tour.) Much hilarity ensued when the owner raised one of the cages and let two or three eager boys try to catch an eel with bare hands. I headed down to the barn with the others where freshly smoked eel was waiting for us. That was my first ever eel sandwich. I tells ya, if tuna is the chicken of the sea, then eel is the ham of the sea. It was pretty good as far as I could taste it with my nummed tongue and lower jaw (I'd just gotten back from the dentist, 5 cavities fixed, owwwwww). Luckily the aneasthetic wore off before we arrived back at the restaurant for drinks and dinner. Feeling adventurous I also tried my first lobster ever: A half canadian Canner. Which was nice, but a little chewy, nothing spectacular. Lateron the dinner turned into a little barbeque, but with roast beef, lamb chops and ... sweetbread! (zwezerik). Not something you get on your BBQ every day. Tried it, shrugged, mweh. Luckily there was plenty of wine to wash things away.

Things resulted in a slight hangover the next day. Managed to call grandma who's back from the hospital with her new artificial knee. Still in pain, but a little better every day. It ain't easy going into surgery when you're 83.

In the little spare time I've had along the way, I've mostly stayed in bed (trying to get rid of this nasty cold) and redecorated my room. Shifted all the furniture around and suddenly I had more than enough room in the middle to get a table in, the one with the two dolphins holding up a glass panel. Now it really has a studentroom feel to it. Living on 15 square meters, heh.

My mp3 collection is still growing fast. If you want a list, let me know. And if I had the guts, I would react to a job offer I saw online yesterday. Full time radio DJ, daily 3 hour slot.... on Curacao (Dutch Antilles, Caribbean). Oh well, a guy can dream :P

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