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For some reason I can't find the energy to do frequent, coherent updates. Better try some keywords.

Granddad had to check in to the hospital again, not for his hip but for fluid in his lungs. We visited, damn, he looked like a ghost. I could almost imagine the guy with the scythe and the black robe sitting next to the bed, waiting and filling out a Sudoku puzzle. He's home again now, but right now he lives by the day, not the week. In the meantime grandma (from mom's side) is now getting a new knee. She's in the hospital as I write this. Mom's going on holiday to Turkey next week, but when she comes back she has to go in for surgery as well. A few years ago, the left part of her nasal cavity was scraped clean to remove hyperactive glands (she keeps producing snot, to say it bluntly). Now she has to get the other half done, since all that buildup causes major headaches and constant colds. The last time it was a pretty painful operation, but her newly assigned surgeon has promised her that medical science has advanced since then and that it won't be as bad this time. To top things off healthwise, I had a dentist appointment this morning: one gaping hole, four starting cavities and tartar. Two new appointments have been scheduled. Total time: 90 minutes of agonising hell await.

I keep on making mistakes that I should not make. Boss' opinion about me has changed from 'above expectations' to 'weak'. Doesn't help my mental health much. Dammit, I work hard and he knows it (he does give me that), but I was hired to take charge of the parties, not to run along with the drinks and snacks. I suck at getting things organized. The will is there, but for some unknown reason I just don't see the work ahead. I'm going to request a talk this week to see what can be done about the situation.

My own mother slipped me a phonenumber, having met a girl at her beautysalon whom she thought was very interesting for me to get to know. Ain't that sad?

Never enough. Car still sucking up most of it. Dental bills won't come cheap either. Tip money should come in this week, I need it.

- Driving home with Muse live from Lowlands Festival blasting out of your car speakers is awesome. *OUR TIME IS RUNNING OUUUT!*
- In the wake of that concert, I've updated my alternative rock collection. Razorlight, Killers, Editors, Wir Sind Helden, Morningwood, We Are Scientists, Hives, Queens of the Stone Age, nomnomnommmm.
- Last week we cleaned our big storage room, which also included getting rid of Rick's old couch. Now there's enough room for a pooltable. Anyone have one lying around?
- Two more weeks until holiday. Turkey. And of course, the city where I'll be landing got bommed by the PKK today. Swell.
- Welcome back to all who went to Eurofurence. I'll surely hear all the stories soon.
- Mom gave me a collection of babypictures. Dang, I was a cute baby, too bad it didn't last :D

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