Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Emptying my head

Hello journal, sorry for neglecting you again. It's been a while since my last confession post.

K, the girl I fancied from my previous job has given me the 'just good friends' talk. N, the girl who contacted me through OKcupid has been quiet for the past two weeks without warning. Swell.

Car's passed its yearly checkup. Another 220 bucks down the drain, with another 275 for the brakes and 450 for rustremoval on the horizon.

Colleague Kris has finally resumed work after injuring his back 3 weeks ago. Just in time, since two others are scheduled for holiday next week. I have two very, very tough weekends coming up, workwise. Big friggin' weddings with food, drinks and snacks up the wazoo. 24 days until my own holiday...

Had a nice party at the gamingclub yesterday. It revolved around Dancing Stage and Singstar mostly. Yes, dancing mats and karaoke microphones. Lots of fun was had. I spent a good while talking to a nice girl about music, comparing our tastes. She said she would mail me some names of cool bands, I gave her my email and phonenumber. Too bad she told me she has a boyfriend ;)

Wieckse Rosé is girly beer.

Parents want to help out financially by 'taking over' my debts, or more precisely moving my debt to their credit account. Since they own a house, they borrow money a whole lot cheaper than I can.

Grandpa is back home complaining like his old self.

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