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Grandpa has managed to piss the whole family off by skipping the recovery center where he could learn to walk with his new artificial hip. Instead he talked the doctors at the hospital into signing him back to his own room in the elderly home, since 'they have physio-therapists there as well'. Gramps will find out he's made the wrong choice when he's forced to lie in bed all day without any of his children having the time to come visit him daily.
In the wake of many friends buying houses, I got curious and had a chat at the bank to see how big a mortgage I would be able to get. Without any support from others (as in: parents), I currently can get 100.000 euro's. That's gonna buy me jack sh!t in Leiden, or anywhere else for that matter. I'd need at least 130k for a 3 room apartment in Sassenheim, and that's the bottom of the housing barrel.
Today I bought my first classical CD's. I'm getting old, teehee. Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Grieg's Peer Gynt Suites (In the hall of the mountain king, yay!) and a CD especially for children with Peter and the Wolf, Carnaval des Animaux and the Young Listener's Guide to Symphonic Music. Sophistication is me, oh yeah.
I have a profile on I actually received a reply to a message I sent in .... february! Someone in Utrecht would like to get in contact with me. Nice.
Parents are starting to wonder what I look like. Haven't seen them in ... almost 2 months? Shame on me. Oh well, we'll all be in Turkey in a couple of weeks.
Scale pointed to 86 kilograms this morning. That's another 2 kilo's gone. Of course I had to celebrate. With ice cream. I'm stupid that way.
Finished Beyond Good And Evil on PS2. I enjoyed myself pretty good those 12 hours it cost me to finish it. Nice little gem. Current projects are Benoit Sokal's Paradise on PC and SSX On Tour on PS2.

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