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Anyone ever hear of a band called "Rusted Root"? I was watching Ice Age and one of their songs appeared in it. Was pretty neat so I downloaded it, and it turns out they've already released a whole bunch of songs and albums....

24 Season 2 is still running, kicks major ass, but I've found a good runner up: John Doe just started on Dutch TV.

Doesn't it suck when your old boss asks you to come back to the restaurant for one day because otherwise he wouldn't have enough staff, and when you turn up it so happens to be that there are NO reservations and more than enough staff running around?

$5000 will buy me 4 weeks as a volunteer at the Cheetah Conservation Fund office in Namibia. This is where I wanna go someday! There's also the 2 week option ($3000), but that wouldn't be enough for me. I wanna work with spotty cats! Laurie Marker, you're my hero.
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