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Grandpa update.

Grandpa has undergone surgery. Since the doctors didn't want to risk full aneasthetics (due to his weak heart), he was 'only' aneasthesized from the waist down. He was lucid during the entire operation where they replaced his fractured hip with a brand spanking new artificial one. During the operation, he also received a lot of 'new' blood (donorbags). An added plus from that is that he now has sufficient iron in his blood again for the moment. He seems to have undergone everything pretty well, he's already back in bed thanking the Lord and holding his prayerbeads. Silly gramps. Still I prefer this side of him than the pessimistic "Why is this happening to me, I'm old, weak and never see the kids around" grandpa who occasionally pesters the entire family. He realizes he's received another lease on life. Now let's hope his heart will handle the recuperation.

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