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I'm back from Paris. I climbed so many stairs, my legs have been upgraded to legs +1.
As soon as pictures are developed, I'll scan and post.

List of places visited:

Notre Dame (climbed it! WOOT!)
Sacre Coeur
Eiffel Tower (Haven't climbed it yet, did see the July 14th fireworks though)
Les Invalides (Tomb of Napoleon)
Jardin des Tuileries
Museum of Natural History (with exhibition on Dragons!)
The catacombs
Pere Lachaise cemetary (visited graves of Jim Morrisson, Jean de la Fontaine, Chopin and Oscar Wilde)
La Conciergerie (including Marie Antoinette's prison cell)
Arc de Triomphe (climbed that too, OMFG!)
Champs Elysees
Forum des Halles (sucked)
Place de la Concorde
Tour Montparnasse (taking panoramic pictures from a rooftop on the 59th floor of a skyscraper)
Pont Alexandre III
The Long Hop and La Violin Dingue (two pubs, out drinking until 4.30am)
Place de la Revolution

I am dead, I am poor, but I am happy :)
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