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And when it rains, it pours

Today I could finally pick up my car from the garage again. Last repairs, hopefully.

But no.

"Hello sir, your car's fixed, put new clamps on the exhaust, so no more rattling. Clutch's been totally replaced, so you're good to go. That'll be 400 Euro's. Oh, and while I took the car apart to replace the clutch, I noticed that your front break-discs and -blocks (remschijven en blokken) are almost gone. I strongly recommend you to get them replaced next time you're here. That's going to cost you around 275 Euro's."


And of course, today was also the day that I got a letter telling me that my car needs to have it's yearly checkup (APK) before august 17th. So next month: big service-round (grote beurt) + new brakes + official check = bankrupt me.

Think I'll put one of my kidneys up on ebay.
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