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So yesterday I cleaned up my room a bit, got rid of a mountain of unused CD-cases, cursed the new ISP for constantly breaking off my WoW game, and later at night watched two more 24-episodes with Rick. Went to bed around 1am.

1.30am loud banging on my bedroom door "Rob, you gotta come help me NOW!" Panicky voice from Stephan. I run out, Rick storms out of his bedroom as well. We find a very drunk roommate with a bleeding foot, caused by a 6cm gash. DEEP gash along the side. Turns out he rode his scooter home after drinking 20 beers and in his own street he didn't see a bump. Most likely his foot got stuck between the road and his bikestand. Cue: deep cut. We cover the cut with towels and Rick races him to Leiden University Medical Center.

3.30am I get a phonecall from Rick. Stephan got 6 stitches and a Tetanus shot, but on their way home Rick's car died on him. They're waiting for the AA/Wegenwacht.

5.00am Rick and Stephan arrive home after being towed home by a towtruck. Startengine passed away.

And so ends another eventful night. Sheesh.

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