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Weekend was rough, made a few stupid mistakes at work that boss wasn't too pleased with. Must check on co-workers more often or else they're all chatting in a corner while I'm doing the work. Not good.

Car's going in for (hopefully) final repairs on thursday. New clutch, new check on lambda sensor and front end of exhaust pipe. Goal is having a fit car for the drive to Paris and back. 11 days and counting. Rick's coming along, and being the Food&Beverage nuts that we are, our trip will almost certainly include a trip to Les Halles. Once the biggest fresh market in France, nowadays a collection of huge foodhalls with a more tourist-trap edge to it, but still it's worth the visit.

Date with K. was postponed once again. Her parents didn't know about her plans of catching a movie with me and invited a bunch of family and friends to celebrate her graduation. D'oh.

So... car's almost fixed, laptop is fixed (all hail pegla, savior of lost causes and harddisks), finally got to pick up my new glasses and sunglasses at the shop. Everything that was broken is in working order again. For how long? Lordi knows.

And now, while suffering under temperatures of 30 degrees celsius and a SMOGwarning in effect, I'm getting nagged by roommate Stephan. Our landlord just switched ISP's and now the wireless network has a new name. Rick and I switched without a problem, but Stephan just can't seem to connect to the new open network. His wireless card DOES see the network, but refuses to connect. Also in Windows Zero configuration the connection just isn't happening. How on earth can a wireless card NOT connect to a non-secure network it sees?

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