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For some strange reason I'm having my most lucid moments in the dead of night. Got home at 2.30 after a busy night at work, now it's almost 3.30am and I'm chilling with Gare Du Nord on Winamp and catching up with LJ.

Car's repaired, can pick it up today (I set my alarm at 9am, but considering the current time I might bump it an hour ;). After getting to Delft, I can drive to pegla's place to pick up my laptop which henceforth shall be named Phoenix. After the system crashed, the hard drive decided to kick the bucket as well. Pegla managed to save most of the data and got me a new HD. I shall hug him and pet him and squeeze him and call him Pegla. If I manage to have some time left before work, I'll pay a visit to Specsavers who promised me new glasses last month.

Not out of the woods yet carwise. New thick clutch cable is installed, but the rest of the clutch needs replacing (which isn't unusual after 6 years usage). Good thing my local garage guy returns from holiday this monday. I'll be over him like powdered sugar on a donut. Especially since he also still needs to fix my sensor/exhaust pipe problem.

Switching to Bent now musicwise. Mmm, Bent... Anyway... No news on the dating front, will text K. tomorrow when she finishes her final test (oral 'defending' of her written study). With a bit of luck I can talk her into catching a movie on Friday.

Thanks for all the support during my rough period last week. I'll leave you with some TMI stuff: I can see I'm losing weight. My moobs (manboobs) are shrinking. :D


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