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Update on laptop

AVG did not find anything. Spybot does not work since I constantly get the CTconfig.dll error message while running it. Registry Mechanic freezes up when trying to run. Ad Aware stops somewhere along the way while scanning local memory. I could not find anything out of the ordinary with HijackThis!

I am now going to try and install Nvidia and Creative drivers anew in an attempt to get rid of their respective errormessages. No idea what to do about the svchost error yet.


Edit: Oh great, winamp won't play anymore, it can't find my soundcard (hmmm, maybe that one's a creative too). Unfortunately I can't check it since I can't get into the windows configuration screen. So whatever it is, it seriously messed up my dll's and registries. Reinstalling Nvidia drivers proved useless too: the install prog can't find 'compatible software' to update.

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