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Where's the helpdesk

This morning I'm working on my laptop, no problems.
In the afternoon I switch it back on to print something on my roommate's flash usb data stick, but from that moment on all hell broke loose.

My laptop is now S...l....o....w and keeps giving me error messges about NvCpl.dll (nvidia registry), CTConfig.dll (Creative Labs, portable mp3 player software) and the worst part: svchost starts talking gibberish about memory and shutting itself down.

I managed to turn off everything non-essential in my bootlist (registry mechanic included, since it ate the little free memory I still had) and Trillian.

Right now I managed to get AVG Anti Virus working, who's doing a complete sweep. Roommate says he can't find anything wrong with his memorystick, so it's anyone's guess what triggered all this mayhem.

I need to go to work now, hopefully the virusscan will be done when I get back. I might try reinstalling registry mechanic and running it, and maybe even reinstalling Nvidia and Creative Drivers, but all help is appreciated.

Oh, and Holland, try not to embarrass yourself too much when you're playing soccer against Argentina. Admit it, we're gonna lose.

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