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I've been a bad boy today.

Day started out good with me cleaning windows, livingroom and vacuuming. Then I watched the dutch footballteam kick the ivory coast's butt (though barely) while enjoying mini pizza's, Haagen Dazs and belgian beer. Also bought a new bottle of Baileys but haven't opened it yet. Was stuffed. Bad kitty.

And then I joined a raid group on World of Warcraft where we took down the Bat boss and the Raptor boss in Zul'Gurub. And I got the Bloodsoaked Pauldrons to show for it. Boy, did that piss the warriors off to see a paladin take off with their coveted prize. Tough luck guys, pallies can wear plate mail too and they need it just as much to remain standing when they save your butt with heals.

Tomorrow: more cleaning in the morning, followed by work. 130 guests having dinner, who will be joined later by 50 more for a wedding party. Meaning we have tables stuffed anywhere we can and as soon as dinner's done we got to clear out tables to make room for the dancefloor. Party ends at 1am, so hopefully I'll be done around 3am. Especially since my parents will be arriving at my place around 11am.

Other news: Not only will I be going to Paris in July, I'll also be revisiting my parents' apartment in Turkey in September. Flying out with Dad, coming back with both mom and dad.

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