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Yesterday was a blast, making live radio for 12 hours! I got to host 2 of them but stuck around the entire day to hang out with the other DJ's. There was good food, good music and a full fridge. At the end of the list (the 160 best 80's hits as chosen by the listeners) we were all pretty silly, having to stifle our laughter as Roger (the owner and main DJ) played the top 10.

For those of you curious about the taste of our listeners:
3. Marillion - Kayleigh
2. Genesis - Mama
1. The Police - Every Breath You Take

Today I have to pay for all the fun. I'm in bed coughing and sneezing up icky green stuff. Yep, it's bronchitis time again. Ew. Oh, and I lost my voice somewhere. Finder's fee.
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