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Phew, I finally found the time to do a major update. I'm at my parents' place right now. They're downstairs having coffee with some old friends. One of them (Tineke) was my singing instructor for half a year and basically she just made my day.

Turns out that she's now in charge of staging a concerto-production about Vincent van Gogh. It's not a musical but more like a concert with the singers dressed up like Vincent and his friends. It's a collection of songs in which the audience can follow Vinnie's life story. So no acting or dancing, just songs. And when Tineke saw me today she immediately got the idea of asking me to participate. If all goes well, I might be singing as Vincent or his brother Theo, or a different guy (I don't even care who ;) this december in a church in Nuenen, Vincent's place of birth. Coolness!

Even if I don't get a part, I'll still be happy just for the sake of acknowledgement. Being a singer and not being able to do my thing - especially since I'm without a band - can get pretty frustrating. But, as you can see, there's light at the end of the tunnel :)

Awright, enough about music. My past week was super! I got compliments from nearly everyone at work for looking good in my new suit (ZZ-top's 'Sharp Dressed Man' suddenly springs to mind). I got acquainted with my new colleagues, my PC at the office (ANCIENT! Isn't Windows 95 illegal by now? ;) and a frustrating program called LANmark (hotelsoftware). In my first week I already had to give 2 guided tours for interested colleagues from other hotels and my ticket to Frankfurt has been booked. April 7th I'm flying to Germany to promote my hotel at a huge convention for the MICE market (That's Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions). Basically, I'm there to convince everyone who passes my stand, that my hotel is the BEST place to host any kind of meeting. And it IS :)

Next week is gonna be dominated by phone-calls, making sales-calls to companies who ordered our brochure, trying to reel in the big fishies. Luckily I'm in charge of the German and English market. My coworker, Stephanie, is responsible for the USA and as soon as Bush decides to send Saddam some 'packages', you can bet your ass that there won't be much business coming from the US anymore. War is bad for the economy.

But let's not turn this into an anti-war rant (even though I'm a pacifist ;). This is about ME, my ego trip. Businesscards have been ordered, I have my own email account now, I've already sent the first few letters signed by me personally, so I'm on a roll! Man, I sound full of it, don't I? :D

And in the spare time that I sometimes have I finished Pool Of Radiance II on the PC, and am now busy with the frigginly huge Final Fantasy X on the PS2. While I should be doing my taxes...... Life is all about priorities, isn't it? :) Could life be any greater? Yep. My bankaccount just went in the red and I'm still single and looking. We'll see what springtime brings. Except for little lambs.

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Thank thaily for this :)

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