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After checking the agenda at work and finding out my colleagues' holidays, I can pretty safely say that I am NOT going to Eurofurence. There's gonna be a few BIG parties at work that weekend, plus one of the other fulltimers is on holiday until the monday after. Oh well, I'll just miss the opportunity of seeing Uncle Kage and Dark Natasha on the same stage together. And if this doesn't make sense do you, don't worry :D

Yeah, I'm doing one of my late-night posts again. Just got back from a night out with the old colleagues once more. K. was there as well but she was acting kinda distant all night. Apparently (according to C whom I drove home) she thinks I'm head over heels since I invited her to go out some time, and because I textmessaged her a few times. Well, I like her, she's a nice girl, but it's not like I'm already planning the engagement. In any case, the ball's in her park right now, I'm gonna be quiet for a while and see if/when she initiates contact again.

The night out itself was ... a good example of why I hardly go out. The bowling was alright, except for a few who thought it funny to throw two balls on one lane at the same time. That almost got us kicked out. After that we went to a popular cafe in Alphen for drinks. I felt old there. So many teenagers, and me silently cursing the DJ for playing awful music (to my taste). Seriously, it felt like there's not a single song from the seventies and eighties that hasn't been covered or sampled recently.

I'll be quiet now before this turns into a rant. Good time to put away the laptop and get some sleep.

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