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So much for ascention day. Bad weather, roads clogged up with people going on short holidays, everyone else in shopping malls and theme parks.

I stayed home, nyah. First task: cleaning the leather sofas. Armed with a bottle of leather cleaner, a bottle of leather treatment oil and two cloths I got to work. One hour later, shiny and soft couches! I'm so proud of myself. While I was 'in the zone' I cleaned up all the paperwork (paper SPAM to be exactly) around the house, then my room.

After dinner Roommate Rick offered to put on Lucky number Slevin (at home, the not so legal Divx-cam version ;) It started out quite good, but things started to get stranger. At some moments the audio and video were out of sync (about 1 second apart), but the movie was watchable. Until one hour into the movie. The 1 sec delay had returned, then suddenly vanished again. The next moment all actors were talking English and Czech at the same time! We groaned, laughed, turned the DVD player off.

In bed now, three tough days ahead of me at work. Tomorrow a wedding with 150 guests and OPEN BAR. Everyone can drink whatever they want, spirits included. The bride and groom had already informed us to buy lots of Bacardi, Malibu and red Vodka. I can see where this is going.... I fear I'm going to be the one to ask 100 very very drunk people to leave quietly once the party ends. I expect to be home around 3.30 am, only to leave for work again around 10.15am on Saturday. And when that working day is over (around 8pm) I have a party to go to. And on Sunday? More work. Oh boy.

September will be the month for me when I can go on holiday. No idea where to go yet. So many options - including Stockholm, Edinburgh, Alanya (Turkey), California and maybe even Toronto. Depends if my friends have time for visitors (saves me money on hotels :p)

Oh, and june 5th, I'll be doing webradio again, one of the presenters of the Double Top 80's. Between 12.00 and 14.00 CET I'll be playing some of the finest hits from the eighties. Check for more details (sorry, dutch page)

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