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Can I ask a time out?

Car's been fixed on the outside, still needs fixing of the sensor and (within a few months) a new clutch.
Bike's been picked up from work, gonna bring it to the bikeshop today, I've had it with the darned thing, time to let a professional do the work.
First staffmeeting went surprisingly well, boss gave me thumbs-up. So now playtime is over, time for serious business. Survived my trail-period (proeftijd), so yay.
Trying to save money in every possible way. Canceled Lotto subscription, TV guide, political party membership, among others.
On the other hand: bought a Creative Zen Micro 6GB mp3-player. It was on offer. Couldn't say no. I am weak. But have a new playthingie now! :D

Girlstuff keeps confusing me. Gave up on Y (ex colleague from themepark). Gave her enough signs that I like her, never saw the spark being returned. Had some harmless flirting with C, but she's only 17 and currently seeing someone. And she smokes. Ew. Then there's K who sends me txtmessages regularly, she's busy with school/projects/graduating right now so not much time to see each other. Secret crush on I remains, someday I'll gather the courage to tell her, I hope. There's K2 who holds a special place in my heart, but I don't see anything growing past online flirting, seeing that she's either in Oz or California. K3 is cute but not single, N is a friend, I think she wants more, but in this case there's no spark coming from my side.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who keeps tags on their possible boyfriend/girlfriend material. :)

Did I mention I managed to break my glasses as well? If all this bad luck holds up, I'll probably fry my washingmachine and laptop this next month.

BUT I'm still smiling. I have Baileys.

Oh, and clsa, how would you like to go see Spinvis in the Leidse Schouwburg next year? Ordered 2 tickets for May 3 2007.
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