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May. 12th, 2006

Monday, I worked in the afternoon and had gamesociety meeting at night.

Tuesday, I brought my car to the official Seat garage for checking out some problems I had with a) my stereo (volumeknob acts quirky), b) the clutch (creaks when I step on the pedal) and c) the fuel system. Tuesday afternoon was pleasant, soaking up sun and drinks in Leiden. Went back to pick up the car and was told that a) I need a new radio (Just for that button? I think not!) b) I need a new cable for my clutch (fair enough) and c) I need a new Lambda sensor, because this one isn't functioning properly. Sooooo I went back to my 'everyday' garage to tell them about the sensor thing, slightly ill-tempered since they installed a new one in January. They promised to fix it free of charge (not that they had another option, I still had the receipt).

Wednesday: I get up really early to drop my car off at my local garage, having made the appointment for the inevitable paintjob on that dent. Without a car I need my bike to get to work, so I spend a few hours on getting it clean and fixed. After cleaning the chain, spraying it, cleaning the chrome, fixing a leak and rewiring the lighting, I set off for work with a stop at the bikeshop for a new backlight/reflector and a new protective case around the chain. Not even halfway on my way to work, tyre goes flat. ARGH! At that same time I discover the pump on my bike is broken (Oh, and the bell was gone too.) So I end up walking 45 minutes to work with my bike next to me in a sunny 25 degree Celcius weather. After work I check my bike again. Check the tire, can't find a leak, inflate it again with the pump. 5 minutes later the tyre is flat once more and I discover what's wrong: leaky 'ventiel'. I have to call a cab to get home.

Thursday: Worst day evar. No car, no bike (still kaput and waiting at work) and ..... I break my glasses. Not the frame, no, I actually manage to get a 'star' in my glasses as they slip out of my hand onto the corner of my sink. And to top it all off a nice ex-colleague who wanted to go out with me tonight had to cancel due to schoolwork. I am going to bed now and when I wake up I would like a very good day for myself. I could use a break this week.

And that concludes my emo-trip. Thanks for coming.


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May. 12th, 2006 08:34 am (UTC)
Ooh leaky ventiels are so annoying. It's amazing how fast a tire can deflate when one of those springs a leak.
Once I had this old bike and the hind tire was going soft, so I try to pump some air in it and I think I broke the ventiel, the tire started hissing at me like whoa, and went totally flat in 0.5 secs. :(

I hope the rest of the week goes better for you!
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