Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Stoopid car.

In the past year my car's been guzzling up money like gas.
New tyre, new lambda sensor, new gas-system parts... And I'm still not done!
The car's going back in for repairs on tuesday so the mechanics can run diagnostics on my fueling system. Sometimes my gaspedal stops working while I'm driving, other times my engine starts to rev for no reason whatsoever (while I'm waiting at a trafficlight). So.... just when I had that planned, Rick comes up to me....

Rob, you know you have a dent in the frame below your passenger door, right?
- I know.
Did you see it's begun to rust?
- ....

Yay, more trouble! I'm looking at rustremoval and a paintjob. While they're at it at that spot, I might as well go the distance and dish out a little more moolah so they can remove the dent. All in all this last repair is at least gonna cost me another 500 euro's. And just when I had bought a new suit.... I need to win a new car.

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