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Wanted: new eardrums.

Ow, my ears are ringing. Badly.

So I drove into Leiden today all by myself to celebrate Queen's Day.*** I didn't even feel bad going alone. Rick was going to Noordwijk to celebrate with his colleagues and most of the people I know either had to work or had already made other plans. I managed to decently enjoy myself. Icecream and house music. I was right in front of the stage when DJ Roog started off the event in Leiden. 90 minutes of pure bliss (hardsoul he calls it, I believe). Next in line for the few thousand partypeople gathered on the square was Erick E. His choice of music was a little too much bleeps and glitches for me so I stepped away for some junkfood. When I came back, Erick E. was just finishing up and making room for the main event: Armin van Buuren (holding the #3 spot on the list of World's Best DJ's after Paul van Dyk and Tiesto). I floated on his trancy beats for about an hour (Mmmm, Coldplay's Talk in a trance remix!), then started to get tired from all the dancing (I'd been on the square for almost 5 hours...) so I decided to check out the festivities in Noordwijk. Met up with Rick, walked around and had a few drinks, but the weather was cooling down FAST. We managed to stick around for a glimpse of DJ Victor Coral and went home around 10pm. Both too hyped up to go to sleep we watched Underworld: Evolution for entertainment, then went to bed.

I really hope this ringing is over tomorrow.....

***Queen's Day. A national holiday celebrating the birthday of the now deceased Queen-mother Juliana. When her daughter Beatrix (our current queen) was put in charge, the celebration was kept at the old date (April 30th) since Bea's birthday (Jan 30th) is always far too cold to go out and celebrate something. Since April 30th falls on a sunday this year, the festivities have been moved to saturday the 29th. Queen's day is infamous for its open air concerts and fleamarkets where everyone can sell their old junk (just imagine the whole town is having a garage sale at the same time). Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague are the busiest on this day. When the next-in-line - Prince Willem-Alexander - takes the throne, Queen's Day will most likely be renamed Orange day (Oranjedag) after the family name of the royal family: Van Oranje (Of Orange). Needless to say that orange is the dominant colour on this day.

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