Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Letter meme

maartje gave me the letter V.

1. V. When I was little, my dad watched this scary Science fiction series about aliens coming to earth to secretly wipe out the human race. They were lizard-like creatures and ate rats. I don't think I ever dared to watch an entire episode. One of these days I should watch it again and probably laugh at the crappy special effects :)

2. Verve. "Urban Hymns" is still one of my favorite albums in my music collection. "Bittersweet Symphony", "The Drugs Don't Work", "Sonnet", "Lucky Man", all of them hauntingly beautiful. Such a shame the band couldn't cope with their success and split up...

3. Virtual Insanity. While we're on the music topic: this has got to be one of the strangest but also greatest videoclips I've ever seen, of course by Jamiroquai. Imagine a room with a totally moving floor. Google for the clip and you'll probably find it easily.

4. Vegas. This city is still on my to-visit list, perhaps as a stop on a Westcoast USA tour. I'd have to bring a big wallet though, not only for a little bit of gambling, but also for all the rides and shows.

5. Vodka. I'm not particularly fond of Vodka on its own, but I can enjoy it as part of a nice cocktail, like a Bloody Mary or just plain nasty with Red Bull.

6. Vermont. Home of Ben & Jerry's Ice cream. I would weigh 10 pounds less if I'd never discovered their ice cream :D

7. Veal. I hardly ever get to eat a nice piece of veal, but ever since I started working at the fancy restaurant, I managed to snag some for dinner a few times. I don't think I'd buy veal in the supermarket for cooking at home. Too expensive ;)

8. Vivaldi. Lately I've come to the conclusion that I have absolutely no classical music in my collection, even though I sometimes have my moments and like to hear something light. I've asked someone with a huge classical collection to make me a little 'Classical for beginners' series. The Four Seasons are definately in there.

9. Victoria. One of the busiest places in London, being a railway station, Tube (underground) station and the international busstop. Some nice theater shows immediately around the station as well as a great italian restaurant whose name I've forgotten, but they had the best Tiramisu I've ever eaten.

10. Vulcans are scary too. Spock certainly is. Tuvok is too. Emotionless people.

Ask for a letter and you can have one from me, then write down ten things beginning with that letter, and what it means to you.
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