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I'm so bored I'm actually watching the dutch version of the Weakest Link. This must be the episode with the dumbest candidates EVER. Things like this only frustrate me. If I ever took part, I'd be simply amazing, being the strongest link 5 times in a row until there's only three left. That's when the other two candidates vote me off for being a threat to them.


I've added some more friends after surfing through all the LJ users. Welcome everyone. Take a peek into the chaos that's my life.

I'm here all alone behind dad's PC while he's in town at an indonesian restaurant with his co-workers. Mom's at my uncle's sportsbuilding, having her own little beautysalon there, where she works on friday's. Brother's working, so the only logical option to pass the time was watching TV and surfing the net. The next exciting thing to happen is a) my mom coming home complaining about the amount of laundry I brought along or b) my dad calling me to come and pick him up. I hope's he's not had too many indonesian beers ;)

Just three more days and I'll have my own desk, my own PC, my own business cards and my boss sitting next to me, watching my every move. I almost wish I had a cubicle like Dilbert.

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