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I work in a posh restaurant and April is a slow month for us. We have room for 40 guests, but we've only had one full house so far, on a Saturday. Tonight was especially bad, only one reservation: two guests. They enter just before 7pm, sit down at their table and place their order (2 scallops, 2 skate wings). So far, so good. Around 8.15 pm these guests (both male, business suit, talking business as well) finish their main course and when presented with the dessert menu they ask if they can order a bit later. Still no problem. At 8.30, they haven't looked at their menus yet, at 8.45 they settle for two coffees. In the mean time, the kitchenstaff cleans up and heads home. 9.30pm, they're still chatting happily, the topic seems to have switched to more personal topics (Waiters are professional and incurable eavesdroppers), they order 2 beer. A while later: a water and a coffee. At 10pm everything that needs to be done at night in the restaurant has been done. My colleague and I can think of nothing else to do but wait for these two guys to ask for their bill.

At 10.30 they want two cappuccino. We fix them grudgingly as the coffeemachine had already been cleaned. At 11pm (almost three hours after they finished their meal) my colleague asks them nicely if she can give them the bill, since we're a restaurant and not a cafe. One guest responds miffed. "What? I thought you guys were open til 1am?" "Yes sir, when it's busy in the restaurant or when there's a function, we have a license to stay open until 1am. However, it's a very quiet night as you can see. We cannot keep the restaurant open for drinks only." Reluctantly, they accept the logic of our words and pay the bill. And then they manage to hold on to their last drinks for another bloody 45 mins. They leave the restaurant 10 minutes after midnight....

So me and my colleague could've had an early night, finishing up at 10pm. But thanks to the two nitwits who think they can keep a restaurant open on 2 coffee an hour, I come home quarter to 1 in the morning. Thanks a lot, a**holes!

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