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Meep meep

Swift update:

Fed four ministers (Verdonk, Remkes, Donner, Pechtold) this week at the restaurant. In private they can actually be pretty friendly :D
Thought I lost my car and carinsurance papers, finally found them in a backpack, phew, was driving around without them for a couple of weeks.
Been having fits of springcleaning, both at work and at home. Ironed all my shirts today, I must be sick.
Red Hot Chili Peppers kick ass.
I'm going to the Elf Fantasy Fair on SATURDAY, so all of you who plan on going, lemme know if you need transportation
Me and a few colleagues went to a meeting/lunch of the restaurant organisation Relais Du Centre. After having 4 wines and 2 Grand Marnier with the lunch (which included a tasting) they told us we were going to make a little tour through the dunes on a STEP! (Think: skateboard with a steering rod). Oy vey.
Going to visit parents Easter Monday, seeing them for the first time in over a month.
Mom and dad are planning on coming to Leiden to visit the restaurant. They don't want to eat WITH me though, they want to eat to see me work. Silly parents.
Sleepyness is slowly going away, but I still keep on yawning through the day (even though I don't feel tired at the time)
I bought a beautiful cheetah painting at the Zwarte Markt. Picture to follow.
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