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This message is brought to you by Whisky. Making quiet men talk since God-Knows-When.

Disclaimer: I write down whatever pops up in my mind. Cohesion optional.

Had a nice evening tonight. Kept myself busy during the afternoon with Burnout Revenge, then Rick got home and suggested going to the movies tonight. V for Vendetta was picked and we drove off to Leiden. Now the cinema in Leiden isn't much (looks like it hasn't been renovated since the 70's), but I didn't feel like driving to The Hague or Amsterdam. So around eight we drove into Leiden, bought the tickets in advance and spent an hour in a great English Pub close to the cinema. A Pub where they have REAL english ale on draught and around 200 whiskies to enjoy. (Oh, and Baileys too. Ask _graywolf_, she knows firsthand ;)). We stuck to the ale for the time being, went to the movie, enjoyed it immensely and headed back to the pub for a nightcap. The owner was tending bar tonight and he's the nutcase who knows everything about whisky. First he poured me and Rick a nice smooth Irish one (Green Spot), then Rick went for a peaty monster (Compass Box Spice Tree) while I just HAD to try the Glenfiddich 21-y-o Cuban Rum finish (mmmmm). We talked about whisky with the owner and as a reward for our pleasant company *coughcough*, he treated us to a little sip of Compass Box Orangerie, a great whisky made with orange zest and peels. It was so good it was almost criminal.

So now I'm back home, and the alkeehol is making me talk. Work's going swell, parents are doing better, mom got back from a short trip to Istanbul. Today they're married for 33 years. Wow. Hopefully little brother can find the time to buy flowers, because I can't drive two hours and back..... As soon as they're both feeling healthy again, mom and dad are coming over to Leiden for a weekend stay, including dinner at 'my' restaurant.

I lost my carpapers. I can't find them anywhere. All that's left for me to do is ask at the gym, ask at the drycleaner and check my entire wardrope. If I still can't find them, I'll have to call the traffic department guys and order new papers. Unfortunately the papers will be sent to my mom's address *since the car is registered in her name). So there's no way for me to secretly get new papers. So I'll have to fess it up. Bah, don't want to.

Still trying to take the girl from last job (Y.) out on a date. She's following a new course, so it'll even be harder for me to get her to go out with me. The first opportunity to see her will be in a week or two when I'm having dinner with her and her colleague C. C is also cute, but Y is just that little bit more ... appealing. Even though that's gonna be a nice date, I still prefer to get Y alone with me, without C. Oh well, I'll let it rest for a while. Sending her messages every two days would sound too desparate.

I go sleep now.

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