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Wireless Internet Hotspots are nifty. Working in a bar now, waiting for my car to be fixed. (They already called, 611 Euro for lots of new parts in de gassystem: specifically the injection and the fuel-distribution. It's necessary repairs, but DAMN! Parents are helping me pay the bill).
Unemployment money is STILL not in. Phoned them today, they promised I'll have it this week. After 7 weeks. Good God.

Lots of stuff happening this week. Mom's off to Turkey for a much needed holiday with a friend. Dad's getting a scan in the hospital for his heart. 90 minutes in one of those metal tubes. (MRI? CAT? I keep forgetting). Depending on the results he'll be undergoing surgery once or twice in the coming year. Needless to say he's pretty restless.

Been working on putting my mp3's online as a private jukebox, but all the installing surpasses my geekiness quota. Thanks to my helpdeskstaff for at least making things a bit more comprehensive for me.

Also closed the chapter of career councelling by having that final talk. Two hours flew by. Won't go as far as posting it all here, but it suffices to say that I've gotten more inner peace through my current and future choices. Will be staying in restaurant business until I can support myself with radio stuff, but in the mean time I'll be working hard on learning and experimenting. No cash for the tech course right now. I can take it in september or take a different course at a different 'school' geared specifically to radioshow hosting.

That's all in a nutshell. Days go by slowly. Cleaning house, groceries, world of warcraft, the usual.

Must update my userpics one of these days. Those of you who have me in any of your pictures at home/in phone/wherever: if I don't have that pic, send me a copy :)

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