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It´s 3.30 am, I got back from the Irish pub. Crashing at a friend in Maastricht. My new poison is Bacardi Limon and Coke. Drank a few. Not enough to start writing gibberish *winks and nudges a certain serene person ;)* but I´m feeling happy. No worries for a hangover since I only get them from beer.
A few drinks and I`m silly, some more drinks and I`m sleepy. Luckily I never get angry or destructive from drinking. Probably explains why my friends keep inviting me to go out with them :)

Have to get up in 5 hours. Bleh. Girl who stays in my (old) apartment (that´s still signed onto my name) is bitching cos I´ve come to take MY possessions away. I´m still leaving my TV, oven, microwave, two tables and some closets behind, but that´s only cos she asked me to. She´s insulted with the fact that I´m collecting my own stuff while she treats it like her own. Grrrrr.... Her parents aren´t exactly poor, so it shouldn´t be a problem for her to replace the furniture I´m taking with me. All she does is pay the rent. The exact amount that covers rent, gas, light and electricity. Meaning she can use my stuff for FREE! In my not so humble opinion she should be grateful that I let her use my stuff in stead of bitching that I´m cleaning out my apartment and leaving her only with the necessary items.

I should`ve never done this. As they say in Holland: repentence (sp?) comes after the sin.... I feel like simply calling the building society, tell them I left my apartment and let that ungrateful brat know she has to move out in 2 weeks. Unfortunately she was clever enough to make up a renting-contract. She can stay until july 1st unless she decides to leave out of her own free will.

The new apartment is slowly turning into a real home. Just have to add today`s furniture, Martin´s TV and get ADSL hooked up. I probably said this in my previous post, but hey, blame the alkeehol.

Oh, and women are complicated creatures. Especially when you think they are flirting with you when they´re not. And vice versa. I always sucked at the dating game. Maybe I should try this ´fast-dating´ once, which seems to be the latest hype in the country. Basically you meet a lot of girls in one night, and per girl you have three minutes to strike up interesting conversation. Sounds like a cattle-market, I know. Don´t knock it till you´ve tried it, right?

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