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Parental Advisory

My dad invited me home to come see a concert with him in Eindhoven (Acda & de Munnik, was good!). And of course, since they're overly concerned like most parents, they bombarded me with questions and good advice.

I've come clean with them. Told them about my jobhunting (first interview for manager travel office went well as far as I know, tomorrow another interview, for head waiter at a deluxe restaurant), about the course I want to follow (Studio technician/producer) and .... about my finances. They now know I am 3000 euro's in the red, mostly through 'living it large'. PC upgrades, holidays, eating out, car repairs, etc. etc.

I do NOT want their help. I got myself into this mess, I'm going to get myself out of it (It's not like they have that kind of cash lying around somewhere anyway ;). I'm going to update a budget file I once made on my PC, stating exactly how much comes in and how much goes out, print that on A3 format and hang it on my roomdoor. I won't give up on every little pleasure (heck, even I sometimes need to go out and have fun), but the frequency will be decreased. No more PS2 games (not even from the bargain bin), no more pizza and chinese ordering, byebye credit card, goodbye postal order bookclub. Back to basics: rent, water/gas/electricity, groceries. And World Of Warcraft. *laughs*
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