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Bleh, wrote an update this morning and the PC crashed before I could post it. Now I can start all over again. Thank you, Word.

For the first time in months I can see the end of my to-do list coming nearer. Everything concerning my car has been taken care of. My new job will start in 10 days. My new home will be 85% ready by this monday (when I've moved more stuff from Maastricht and Eindhoven to Katwijk). Money's still an issue, still paying for my dolby surround set, but that should be taken care of by the beginning of April. Then there's a shitload of cash I should pay back to my parents after all they've done for me in my time of need (carcrash and moving twice). They say it´s not an issue for them, but I so want to show my independence, that I´m really bothered by the fact they've spent quite a lot on me these past months.

In my new apartment I've almost survived a week without TV. I stayed alive by playing Pool Of Radiance on my PC and Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance on Rick's (=roommate) Playstation2. Listening to the radio a lot, reading up on my new job. I´m supposed to make 30 sales calls a week. Eek. I'm much better at talking to people in person.

There are three more things to take care of next week:
1. Get the TV hooked up to the satellite dish. We don't have cable in our new home.
2. Get ADSL from our landlord (he lives downstairs, we on the 1st floor). As far as I know he has one modem for his one PC, so in order to get me and someone else hooked up as well, looks like we'll need a router and lots of cable. Anyone who's good at this contact me. I'm not.
3. Welcome Martin, my other roommate. Three guys in one big apartment. One's a PC nerd (me), one's a Playstation nerd (rick) and one is Al Bundy reborn (Martin). Maybe I should start writing a sitcom. Earn more cash. Mmmmmmm.....

I'll stick to this before PC crashes again. Lots of hugs to everyone. Gina, you still reading this? Haven't heard from you for a while. Thaily, thanks for the dead squirrel. You really love me, don't ya? ,-p Everyone else, stay in touch.

P.S. Singer looking for a band. My old band found a new singer. Le sigh.

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