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I feel loved

So I send a little email to Kraak & Smaak, thanking them for the great set and sending them a scan of an american mix-cd that featured one of their tracks (They didn't even know it, their record company arranges all that stuff), and a few hours later I get two replies from both DJ's from their home email-accounts :)

Reply 1: Cool! Thanks for the info, we would've never found out otherwise.
Reply 2: Thanks a lot for the pics, guys, we love that kind of support. Come check us out in Rotterdam again next week at the Filmfestival.

I don't see Tiesto replying to fanmail. Then again, Tiesto might get a bit more than K&S :p

In random World of Warcraft news: I had my first war in Alterac Valley yesterday. 40 alliance vs 40 horde. I got in around 9pm, had to drop out at 1am, the battle was still undecided. Did get 460 Honorable Kills though, so I think I'll be going up a few ranks in the honor ranks.

I'm not a geek, I'm a level 53 paladin.
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