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So this is what they call a weekend?

Saturday: Drive to bander, eat at his place, drive to Hilversum, go to Last Train To Trancentral party, be the life of the party with Bander's glowsticks (Oh, Xenos still sells them, B. At least the one in Haarlem), jump and go wild as Dune spins the wheels (man, he looks oooold), meet up with pegla and the visiting ionotter, drink and chat, go back to Katwijk and crash. End of day: Somewhere around 5am

Sunday: Fix breakfast, drop Bander off back home, meet up with Pegla and Ion again (whilst waving quickly to thaily and hiryu), take them to Katwijk, let them meet Roomie Rick, eat chinese take-away, watch Rowan Atkinson live, talk a lot, play Burnout 3 on PS2, then Pegla and Ion call it a day and drive home. End of day: 1am.

Monday: Drive up north to pick up Pegla and Ion. Hear about PC crashes and grumbles. Arrive in Amsterdam, show Ion Tourist Trap #1: The Sex Museum. It was unfortunately getting a bit late for a canalboat, so we walked briefly along the edge of the Red Light district, then onwards to a restaurant (Mmm, ribs) and a cinema (Chronicles of Narnia. Yay, cheetahs! :D). Bring Pegla home, bring Ion to jonesybunny, go home myself, crash. End of day: 3am.

Tuesday: Drive to Haarlem, visit employment agency for a chat, do some shopping, go home, vegetate.

Tomorrow: Audition at a recordingstudio for some freelance singing work. Go to Leiden in the evening to check out possible new home (starting September)

Man, remind me never to take on a job as driver. I've had enough hours behind the wheel for the moment. :)

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