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Discrimination or not?

OK, hopefully there's a Dutchie reading this....

One of our national (commercial) TV/Radio stations has started what they call a "Radio School". It's sort of a paid community where you can sign up for workshops and presentations from people who work at said station, from producers to presenters. One specific part of that 'school' is the "Class of 24". If you're a member of the Radio School, have a little experience with radioshows and are between 16 and 25 years old, you can apply for the Class. 24 students are chosen who get a free education/training during the public holidays after which they're able to host a show. The students don't get paid, it's not like an internship. Also, there's no guarantee that you'll be hired by the station, so it's basically a service they provide for young radio enthousiasts. Lastly, it's no 'official' or public study, there's no officially recognized diploma, just the knowledge that you've been trained at one of the most wellknown/oldest radiostations.

Here's the thing: I want to be in that class. I'm 28 years old. Could I somehow get around the age-restriction by maybe blaming the station for age discrimination? Is the station even allowed to put an age restriction on their private 'Class'?

I'm curious to see what your opinions are.

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