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The hunt for Job October

- Head waiter at Restaurant Coninckshoeck in Haarlem (Grote Markt). Resume has been forwarded to the boss.
- Assistant Maitre d'hotel at Hotel-Restaurant De Beukenhof in Oegstgeest (small hotel with Michelin-star restaurant). Resume is still at unemployment office.
- Teamleader bar/restaurant at Holland Casino Scheveningen. Still waiting for them to call me. This job isn't publicly advertised yet.
- Traveloffice Manager-in-training. Temp-office has forwarded my resume to the company. Recruiter from temp-office wants to meet me in person. Bit difficult now my car is in the garage >.<

And in the background, I've bid on yet another secondhand Behringer DX1000 mixing table for my home studio. There are a few around on auctionsites, but most go above my budget. Furthermore there's a training for radioproduction coming up next month at the Media Academie. Just 1750 euros for a full week of intensive training. Did I say 'just'? Haha. ha. *sniff*

In totally different news: CATS is returning to Holland :D Premiere in October, I believe. I've rediscovered the original London cast recording. Mmm.
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