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I'm going slightly mad

I have internet through ADSL. Connection comes in on the ground floor at landlord's apartment. He has a wireless router (US Robotics USR9106) so me and roomie Rick can both receive a signal. Rick has a built-in wireless Sitecom receiver in his tower, I have an USB-plug Philips receiver. We both have a good connection.

Thing is: a few times a day the signal is gone (or cannot be received) for a minute or so, then it's found again. This happens on both receivers. Then there are the occasions (sometimes every other month, sometimes twice in a week) where our receivers SEE the router, but don't get a connection from it. This only affects me and Rick, landlord can surf as if nothing's wrong. I page landlord, he resets the modem, and things are OK again. This is getting frustrating. How can it be that there's a connection, but no data/IP? Why does the signal blink every few hours (no, it's not at regular intervals).

Help me and Rick surf without interruptions!
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