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Wheeee, typing illegally at work. If someone catches me, it's gonna be an official warning. I am SO breaking the law *pfrrrt*

Got the keys to my new apartment yesterday, moving in this weekend and next weekend when we're gonna haul all the heavy stuff from Maastricht (washing machine, huge closet, sofa, etc.)

Doing fine, the band found a new singer, so I guess I'm kinda out of the picture. Bit of a shame but I'm sure I'll find something new around here. Who wouldn't want a very talented singer in their band? ;)

Anything else? (working on a timelimit here) Errrrr..... T minus two weeks for my new job. Bought more suits with mom. I'm dead sexy. James Bond, eat your heart out. Even tried a mafia-kinda hat with the suit. Hats are not for me. Make me look fatter than I am.
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