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Lost... and found

Finally recovered from a week of fun and friends with the LAN party weekend as grand finale. Went to bed at 5.30am (blame Civilization 4) and next day at 2.30am (Blame Unreal Tournament 2004). Of course lots of loot was leeched from each other. After cleaning up I brought an old friend home, quickly used his shower (the one at the scouting building was prehistoric) and then I got a gift from him.... A beautiful salon table, or more accurately: two dolphins holding up a large glass disk on their snouts and tailfins. Pictures to follow.

So with a car stuffed full with PC, fold-up bed, table and bags, I made my way to my aunt and uncle for dinner. During dinner the three of us had pretty deep and personal chats about my life, history and parents. Sometimes it can be so refreshing to talk about personal issues with someone who can look at it from a little distance. My uncle quite surprised me by saying that he never understood why I went into hotel management. I'm too nice and friendly to become a real manager, since every manager has to have a certain degree of business sense and being stern and decisive.

I confessed that I want to say goodbye to the hotel and restaurant business. I want to do things with my voice, and with sound. My uncle said to me: "Rob, remember this: Your parents only want you to be happy, and they don't care if you'll become a garbage man or plummer. Sure, they will feel a little disappointment that you're not going the way that they expected you to, but they will get over it and still love you. Look at my little family: One day my daughter comes home to introduce her girlfriend to us. Parents would rather see her bring home a nice guy to settle down with, but it's her choice and if she's happy with it, who are we to say no? So stop trying to live up to other's expectation and do what YOU want and what YOUR heart tells you to do."

It gave me a lot to think about the past two days. And I've decided that I want to go into radio. I've found a company that trains you to become a producer/presenter (pegla, do you know anything about Sound Academy Hilversum?) and I found a website with a whole bunch of radio related job offers, which gives me at least a little bit of security that I'll be able to land a job somewhere. Furthermore I want to turn my bedroom into a home studio (have my eyes on a Behringer DX 1000 to start off with). In the mean time my regular bills will keep rolling in, so I'll probably spend another year behind a bar or in a restaurant, but as an ordinary member of staff. No more administration, no more responsibilities, just me and my guests. That's how I always preferred it, though never dared to admit it.

So, in ending, I'm crawling up from the blow I got at the end of 2005 and I'm starting to see a light that hopefully will burn brigher and brighter with each passing month.

DJ Rob is born.

P.S. Yesterday I finally found the time to see the first episode of Lost. How did I manage to miss this series. Holy Fecking Ships.
P.S.2. thaily made my monday with a picture of my cheetah alter ego. Smile! She kicks arse. Commission her for all your pictures. She will rock your socks off.
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