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Meme by me! me!

The 10-things-that-make-me-me-meme. Created by rob_d.

Everyone is special, even me. Because I've had unique experiences, both good and bad. These are the things that make me me:

1. I'm legally blind without glasses or contactlenses.
2. I've won a trip to New York City.
3. I've been circumcised at age 23, but not for religious reasons.
4. I can speak five languages and one dialect.
5. I've been between-jobs four times now.
6. I have a tic that causes me to alphabetize my CD collection (or my roommate's PS2 games)
7. I love to discover new drinks, the best as well as the worst of their kind.
8. I swam with a wild dolphin on a grey and wet morning in Ireland.
9. I rolled over sideways with my car and came out with just a scratch.
10. I rather give to environmental and animal welfare charities than those that fight diseases or support third-world countries.

What makes you you? Copy this meme into your own LJ and discover how special your friends are.

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