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Next week.

Still in Maastricht, winding down from post-work stress. Did my Family Rounds again, visiting both grandpa's and an aunt. Have dinner at uncle's next sunday, so now most of the family knows what I look like again, and what's happened at work.

Mom and dad got home from holiday yesterday, grandpa unfortunatly told them the news before I could. In any case, they're sorry for me, but the expected drama didn't ensue. Guess they're getting used to it as much as I am.

Tomorrow I'm gonna pay my parents a brief visit, to pick up stuff and probably to get lectured by mom about why things always go wrong with me. After that it's off to Amsterdam for quality stand up comedy: Boom Chicago!

Friday I'll be driving back to Maastricht to take part in a LAN weekend, organised by a good friend of mine. Originally I hadn't planned on going, but all of a sudden I seem to have lots of free time on my hands.

After the weekend, the jobhunting begins anew. Le sigh.
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