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Unemployed, the aftermath

Jumped into my car and skidded across the region.
Stop 1: Unemployment office. Filling out forms and forms and more forms, personal chat, pat on the shoulder and please come back in two weeks. In the mean time due to the efficiency of the dutch welfare system I have to dig up ALL my previous work contracts from the past 7 years. Dear Lord.
Stop 2: Archeon, my former employer to drop off keys and neckties. I could've burnt them, but I have no fireplace. :p
Stop 3: Bank. Just to be on the safe side I reorganized my finances to shift all my negative balances into one big "DEBT" account. If everything is approved, I can clean up my normal bankaccount and my credit card debts and even have a backup in case I decide to go to Australia.

Now I'm home with applecakes and beer, staying nice and warm while outside a blizzard rages. "Weather alert" has been announced, so no going out, no sirree.

Tomorrow: The Long Drive to Maastricht.

Happy New Year to all in advance.
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